Decades of leadership Centuries of expertise

Decades of leadership Centuries of expertise

Decades of leadership Centuries of expertiseDecades of leadership Centuries of expertiseDecades of leadership Centuries of expertise

Kriya creates new beginnings for business success.

Practicing a philosophy established millenniums ago.


Kriya Capital, LLC is an Investment Firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The Firm seeks to create long term value for its stakeholders by investing in middle market companies that specialize in Business Process Services (BPS). 

Deed. Action. Effort: Words that spring from the Sanskrit translation of Kriya—form the foundation of our philosophy and establish the core principles we apply every day across a global enterprise.

Success in the future is often shaped by the past. We learned decades ago that a deed is more than a noble act, or a conveyance to buy or sell a business.  A deed to Kriya is our conscious commitment to treat all parties fairly and deliver mutual benefit in every transaction. 

Driving progress and growth demands a diversity of talent.  The skills plus the will to invest resources effectively, capital judiciously and effort ingeniously--so the actions we take are meticulously applied to accomplish and surpass desired results. 

A Kriya action plan integrates financial strategy, operational expertise and key technology to optimize, enhance and transform deliberate effort into monetized achievement which ignites a nucleus of opportunity for new ideas and endeavours.   

Effort means much more to us than hard work.   At Kriya, it is the confluence of individuals working together as partners, applying expertise as a science managed by a team empowered to build our family of enterprises into a platform of prosperity that serves a universal purpose:  

Success and respect through deed, action and effort.

Guaranteed by integrity, diligence and thoughtful attention to the roles we provide to the people, industries and communities we serve. Karma applied as business philosophy, handed down from ancient ideals, inspired from millenniums past, but as important today as ever.