KARAN NEGI, Managing Partner

Mr. Negi Founded Kriya Capital in 2017 and is the Managing Partner in the firm. At Kriya, his focus is to build a portfolio of high growth companies in the Business Process Services (BPS) sector. The three initial investments of Kriya namely Credence Resource Management, Innoval Global Solutions and iValuate Global Technologies were all founded by him between 2014 and 2016 and have built a combined scale of more than 2000 employees across 2 geographies in a short span of 3 years. Companies have returned more than 30X initial capital invested, growing in excess of 50% YOY and generating steady, stable Free Cash Flow. 

Karan has a rich Transactional and Operating experience and history of building, integrating and unlocking tremendous investor value of acquired organizations in his previous role with Handson Global Management, a Private Equity firm based in Santa Monica, California. He participated in roll-up of more than 4 companies in the Receivables Management space with C Level Operating responsibility of running companies in the Receivables Management and Healthcare RCM space. Companies under his direct Operational supervision through series of divestitures and corporate carve outs were used as Investment Vehicles to complete Leveraged Buyouts of larger organizations because of their ability to rapidly generate stable, high Free Cash Flows and hence high Notional Equity for pure leveraged deals. Over a period of 10 years, more than $450MM in Investor Value was created. In 2013 as he exited Handson, portfolio companies generated more than $800MM in revenues employing well over 15000 employees in U.S, Europe, Mexico, China, India and Costa Rica.


Mr. Hunter recently joined as Partner of Kriya Capital in June, 2017. Rick has been an entrepreneur for 34 years. From his first acquisition of a receivables management company in 1986 until 2013 when he retired from the private equity firm that monetized his investments, Rick has been an innovator in the financial services industry. 

He started his career in technology, managing the integration of two Silicon Valley companies purchased by a European private equity group entering the US market to provide a broad spectrum of banking, healthcare, records and data management offerings.  During his tenure, Rick ran a diverse portfolio of products and business lines, including the software development arm of a globally deployed service bureau. Which ultimately introduced him to several Northern California entrepreneurs who helped fund his ventures in financial services and related technology.


Throughout his career, Rick has focused on building and buying firms that can be strategically aligned to develop, deliver or support all aspects of receivables management, customer relationship management and transaction audit functionality to healthcare and telecommunications providers.  

At Kriya, Mr. Hunter is responsible for fuelling growth of portfolio companies through the inorganic route by evaluating and advising on follow-on acquisition strategy and targets. His innate understanding of the U.S Healthcare market especially in Emergency Medical Services is critical to the growth of the Kriya portfolio in this space.


Ms. Khandwala joined as Partner of Kriya Capital in June 2017.  Nafeesa brings 29 years of leadership expertise to the organization--launching, merging and directing customer relationship management strategies and operations in the finance and accounting sector.  

The scope of her career encompasses healthcare and telecommunication verticals and includes diverse and specialized deployments in the insurance billing, claims adjudication, document management and payment processing functionality critical across those landscapes. 

In 1988, she began her career in receivables management with an emphasis on accounting--but expanded that focus to operational and executive leadership roles that ultimately led to a concentration on customer relationship management for globally deployed BPO organizations.

At Kriya, Ms. Khandwala is responsible for growing the firm’s footprint in the healthcare sector through acquisition initiatives that find companies with service or technology capabilities that improve billing, claims processing and compliance.