Credence Resource Management, LLC

Credence provides Compliant Business Solutions for Accounts Receivables Management and Asset Protection for healthcare, telecommunication and retail industry verticals.

Headquartered Dallas, Texas Credence offers right-shore solutions leveraging arbitrage and technology to produce a hybrid engagement model that permits intensive efforts  to improve liquidation performance while being sensitive to customer experience and regulatory compliance. 

About 1,600 FTEs at Credence work delinquent accounts for large healthcare and telecommunication companies.



Innoval Global Solutions LLC

Provider of Innovative Business Solutions for Finance & Accounting, Revenue Cycle Management and Customer Retention programs for healthcare, telecommunication, financial services and retail industry verticals.

In a short span, Innoval team has grown to 250 FTEs offering RCM solutions to leading healthcare providers.



iValuate Global Technologies, LLC

iValuate provides Technology platforms for Compliance, Risk Management and Audit functions across industry verticals. These IT products add value create client stickiness.  

Flagship product CARMA aggregates data, create work lists and audits vendor efforts.